Freedom of Information Law

​​October 2nd 2013

The Freedom of Information Law (1998) was passed on May 19th 1998 and took effect one year later. The law mandated the right of any citizen or resident to obtain information from a public authority.

The Law states that as a rule, the authority will answer said request in the affirmative, unless the exposing of the information harms another interest, such as the State's security, privacy of individuals, commercial secrets, etc.

Assessing and examining the request is conducted within the framework of the period to time determined by law. Therefore, the authority must respond to the petitioner within 30 days, however, when the need arises, the officer in charge or head of the public authority is permitted to extend the period of response time to the petitioner for up to 90 additional days.

In cases where the information concerns a third party, the authority must contact said individual and enable them to oppose the transmission of information. Contacting a third party prolongs the assessing of the request by 21 additional days, and when the third party's position is rejected, they are entitled to appeal against the authority's decision; hence, the information will not be transmitted to the petitioner until all appealing rights are exhausted.

All the information regarding the Law can be found at the Freedom of Information Unit's website.

According to the regulations of the Freedom of Information Law (fees) 1999, a request for receiving information will be processed after the payment of a request fee, in the sum of 101 NIS, and the obligation of the petitioner to pay the expenses of processing and issuing of the requested information.

A person requesting information regarding themselves and their rights is exempt from paying the processing fee for 4 work hours, starting from the 3rd hour (meaning, processing fee will be collected from the 7th hour of processing). Details regarding the fees can be found at the Governmental payment service website.

The request fee can be paid to a bank account, following are the details:

Bank account no. 54180 main branch, postal bank or via postal vouchers.

For submitting a Freedom of Information request and other questions, please contact the Freedom of Information Law Commissioner:

To:  Freedom of Information Law Commissioner – Ms. Rachel Pisam.

1 Lincoln St.

Tel-Aviv 65220

Tel: 03-6231951 or Email: