​The registration of rights to land in Israel is based on the Land Law – 1969. According to Torrens principles, the state is responsible for land units boundaries and their areas. The registration of rights in the land register is within the responsibilities of the Ministry of Justice, on the basis of maps and surveys, checked and approved by the Survey of Israel. Within the Land Settlement, a block map is prepared and the subsequent boundary changes require the preparation of a registration plan.
Subsequent to the Director of Surveys signature on the settlement plans and the signature of the Director's representative on registration plans, the state is responsible for their correctness, for the technical and graphic documentation required for registration and for their dissemination by the Survey of Israel.

Areas of responsibility

​Work plans for the current year and long term, for Land Settlement (in corporation with the Ministry of Justice, Directorate of Lands, Ministry of Construction and housing and the Treasury.
Preparation and / or check and approval of Registration Plans.
Administration and maintenance of all technical documentation of the above mentioned procedures.
Support to all matters pertaining to cadastre, to government ministries and public authorities in the country.

Deputy Director General's statement

​The principal task of the cadastral units within the Survey of Israel is to handle approved operations at an appropriate professional standard and within the shortest possible time. We follow the execution of plans in accordance with statistical data. During the last five years we can see a considerable advance towards modern cadastre (computerized and coordinate based), and simplification of registration plans approval, the development of follow up and control, resulting in improvement of both organizational and professional procedures in all cadastral areas.
Data banks are taken advantage of in the best possible way and are part of the National Geographic Information System.